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Learning Disability Students Can Succeed In College – And In Life!

Dear LD Parent,

If your child has a Learning Disability it is only natural for you to worry whether he or she can cope with the academic and social pressures of college and eventually graduate. You want to know that your child will pass class tests and get good grades despite his or her disability. And you want to do everything you can to help.

Today many parents of college-age students find that it is a good investment to arrange for private counselors with LD expertise to help their sons or daughters get the grades they need to graduate.  Conventional tutoring alone is not enough.

Tutoring Alone Is Not Enough

At “The Center for LDC” we use a combination of motivational guidance and advanced tutoring methods developed specifically to meet the challenges of LD. We call it Integrated LD Counseling. It discreetly provides personal psychological guidance, customized for each student, as an integral part of the tutoring process.

Our services supplement college studies, unlimited by the funding and staffing problems of most educational institutions. We help understand difficult subjects, prepare for tests, coach writing papers, and suggest ways to participate in class discussions and social relationships. At the same time they learn how to learn, how to study, how to take notes. Our goals is for your child to understand his or her subjects – not just try to memorize them.

Our current clients include many students who struggled in high school, and some who flunked out of a previous college, as well as students who do well but are capable of doing better. We find that most students have a desperate need to improve their mental self image. Once they start to discover their own capabilities by doing well on actual class assignments, they often surprise their teachers, their parents and, most importantly, themselves.

Integrated LD Counseling

Many students with LD challenges see themselves as “losers” who have no hope of realizing their potential. Our students learn how to work through their LD challenges, build a positive mental self-image, and develop the conviction that they can and will succeed despite needing to overcome their learning differences. In addition to preparing for tests and class assignments, our integrated counseling-tutoring team will work to develop four basic skills that will enable students to succeed in any subject, any course, in any school:

  • Comprehension – understanding lessons, not just memorizing.
  • Retention – visualizing real facts and lessons so they can be recalled.
  • Communication – effectively speaking or writing about schoolwork.
  • Socialization – relating to others, winning friends and allies.

Many successful and famous people in every type of profession also faced the challenges of Learning Disabilities – and won! Many overcame ridicule, bullying and even self-pity. They had to focus on their strengths instead of their difficulties, to live for their future, and to ignore past struggles and failures. And, like your child today, they first had to build their self-image and develop a determination to succeed!

A “secret” of LD success

One of the “secrets” of our success has been our ability to position our role as an ally of the student – not just another teacher whom they expect to be critical and judgmental. We encourage the student’s personal growth as well as his or her academic achievements.

All of our clients improved their grades, some getting the first “A” they have ever earned in college. Others won coveted internships or were honored on their college’s Dean’s List. Some of our students have moved on to graduate school, often with no need to mention that a so-called Learning Disability was ever a hindrance to their learning.

Our mission and our passion is the same as what you want and your child wants – to overcome the difficulties and stigma of Learning Disabilities – and to show the world, or at least your child’s world, that LD is not an obstacle to success and happiness.

Your Counseling Team

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